Comprehensive Experience

Senior Residential, High-Density Multi-Family Housing, Apartments, Townhouses, and Custom Single Family Projects.

Residential and Commercial and Mixed-Use Projects.

Parks and Recreation, Churches, Schools, City and County Buildings, Fire and Police Stations, Airports, Schools, Museums, Libraries, City Halls and Emergency Operations Centers.

Pump Stations, Emergency Generators, Ports, Piers, Substations, Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, Manufacturing Plants, Laboratories, Computer Facilities and Telecommunication Facilities.

Schools, Hospitals, Civic and Military Facilities and Healthcare Facilities.

Offices, Shopping Center Complexes, Retail, Restaurants, Hotels and Manufacturing Facilities.

Multi-family Apartments, Townhouses and Custom Single Family Homes.

Parking Structures, Roadways, Parks, Sports Fields, Parking Lot and Street Lighting and Building Enhancements.

Code Studies, Title 24 Compliance, LEED Certification, Lighting Design, Energy Studies, Due Diligence Reports and Peer Reviews.

We are…

Service Oriented

The main focus of Belden Consulting Engineers is to provide a high level of service to you, our client. We are organized to meet objectives, goals and deadlines for each project.

Quality Engineering

We provide full service electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering with an emphasis on economical, logical, trouble-free design throughout construction and the project’s life.

Professional Approach

Each project has a project manager/engineer working with a designer, affording back up for design and client contract.

Staff Versatility

A staff of 22 professional engineers, designers, and support personnel offer a broad range of experience which is drawn upon as needed for each project.

Computer Programs

Belden Consulting Engineers offers a complete array of software programs to complement the engineering services available to our clients.


Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.


Our 50-year-old firm is centrally located in Pleasanton, California, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.